Appropriate Internet use

Use of library computers is not allowed for any illegal, improper, offensive, inappropriate or unprofessional purpose.

Any library user found to be accessing inappropriate material will have their library membership withdrawn and will be reported to their line manager or supervisor.

The Trust's Performance and Conduct Procedure includes a list of offences which may be defined as Gross Misconduct.
The list includes:
Accessing, disseminating, downloading or similar actions in respect of content or attachments relating to: gambling, pornography/‘adult material’, discrimination, harassment, libellous statements, chain letters, chat rooms, share trading / money-making schemes, breach of confidentiality, copyright infringement, multimedia downloads (unless for work purposes).

This is reinforced by the Trust's Internet Use Policy which states:
No member of staff is permitted to access, display or download from internet sites that hold offensive material.

The University’s ICTC Regulations note that:
Users are not permitted to use university IT or network facilities for any unlawful activity or for the creation, transmission, storage, downloading, or display of any offensive, obscene, indecent, or menacing images.

The full OUH Trust and University policies can be found at

1) Regulations and Policies applying to all users of University ICT facilities

2) Trust Email policy and Trust Internet Use policy

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