IT Facilities & Printing/Scanning

University and NHS PCs

To access the Bodleian Libraries computers, please use your University card barcode number and password. Information on passwords can be found here.

As well as providing online resources, all our Bodleian PCs are equipped with Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel), PDF convertor software, EndNote for reference management, GIMP image editing software and PSPP statistics software.

At all the Bodleian Health Care Libraries there are also a number of NHS computers, for convenient access to the intranet, quick links to OUH emails and the e-learning platform. You will need an OUH Trust login to access these PCs.

PCAS (Printing, copying and scanning) 

Across the Bodleian Libraries sites there are printing (including colour), copying and scanning facilities available. PCAS accounts use your Bodleian Libraries username and password and you will need to ensure you have topped this up with credit before using. Please see the Bodleian Libraries PCAS pages for further information .


You are welcome to bring your own device to use in our libraries, where there are many power sockets provided. There are three wireless networks available to you:

Eduroam: Use your ‘remote access’ username and password. Visitors will need to use their home institution's login. For help click here.
OWL: Requires VPN and a ‘remote access’ password.
Bodleian Libraries: For those that don’t have access to Eduroam or Owl. Use your Library Card/University barcode number and password. For more information click here.

At BHCL sites you can also access BT Wi-Fi and OUH Guest public Wi-Fi. Please also see the University IT Services pages on setting up wireless access. 

Laptop loans 

At the Bodleian Health Care Libraries sites, there are laptops available which can be loaned for a week. All our laptops have Microsoft Office installed. Please ask at the library help desks to borrow one of these. 

Appropriate Use of IT Facilities

Use of library computers is not allowed for any illegal, improper, offensive, inappropriate, or unprofessional purpose. Users of IT facilities in the library must abide by the relevant University and OUH Trust policies.

OUH Trust:

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