Online Journal Cancellation Consultation 2016: Low Use Titles

Four online journal subscriptions have been identified during our annual review of subscriptions as possible candidates for cancellation.   

It is in light of reduced NHS budgets, increasing costs, pressure on budgets due to currency fluctuations, and the very low use of these titles that we now proposed to cancel them.  Given their low usage we anticipate the impact of their cancellation to be minimal but their cancellation would deliver over £6,000 in savings.

The titles are either available via legal deposit or can be obtained for readers if required via interlibrary loan.  

All four titles have a very high cost per download and very low numbers of downloads. Cancelling them will make funds available for subscriptions to online journals that are likely to be much more heavily used.
However, please note that this isnt a notice of their cancellation.  At the moment were notifying our readers of our proposal to cancel these titles in print and asking for their feedback by December 23rd 2016. We will then make decisions on each of the titles.  

As part of this process, wed welcome any feedback you may have on the importance of these titles to your work.  Please respond to Edina Pillok, the BHCL Collections Manager, at by December 23rd.

You can find details of the titles we are proposing to cancel together with information on their usage and how access will be provided if we cancel the print subscription below.


Cost per download
American Orthoptic Journal
£144.00Articles will be available via interlibrary loan.
Critical Reviews in Immunology
Articles will be available via interlibrary loan.
International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance£22.38Electronic legal deposit access is available from any Bodleian PC.
International Journal of Health Governance (was Clinical Governance)£24.55Electronic legal deposit access is available from any Bodleian PC.
Neonatal Network£11.88Articles will be available via interlibrary loan.
Oncology Nursing Forum£33.38Articles will be available via interlibrary loan.



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