3D Printing and Modelling: Introductions to Blender and SketchUp

Learn the basics of modelling in 3D or find out more about the 3D printing service offered by the Radcliffe Science Library in one of our courses this November.

show: From Ferret Brains to Fashion - Creative Applications of 3D Printing

Mon 09 Nov


For the last year the Radcliffe Science Library has run a 3D printing service. In this presentation we will provide examples of the creative applications the printer has been put to and highlight some of the useful design tools and practical pitfalls we have encountered.



Modelling in 3-D: An introduction to Blender

Thu 19 Nov


Does your research paper or departmental web site need eye-catching 3D visuals? Do you have data that could be presented attractively in a 3-D animation? This course covers the basics of using the free software 3-D modelling tool Blender to model, render and animate.



Modelling in 3-D: An introduction to SketchUp

Tue 24 Nov


SketchUp is a web-based 3-D modelling program. In this introductory session you will learn how to create and manipulate simple 3-D objects. You will learn how to light and view the models and apply materials. You will also learn how to import existing objects and how to generate still images from your models.



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