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General undergraduate textbooks:

Clinical neurology / edited by John W. Scadding, Nicholas A. Losseff. 4th ed. (London : Hodder Arnold, 2012) Also available as an ebook Restricted access Electronic Legal Deposit version also available. An excellent undergraduate text. Detailed but accurate and thoughtful. My personal favourite...

Wilkinson, I. M. S., Essential neurology / Iain Wilkinson, Graham Lennox. 4th ed. (Malden, Mass. ; Oxford: Blackwell, 2005.) Also available as an ebook Despite the Cambridge authorship (!) this is a really good concise account.

McLeod, J. G. (James Graham), Introductory neurology / James G. McLeod, James W. Lance, Llewelyn Davies. 3rd ed. (Carlton, Australia ; Oxford : Blackwell Science, c1995.) Out of print.

Harrison, M. J. G. (Michael J. G.), Neurological skills : a guide to examination and management in neurology / Michael J.G. Harrison (London ; Boston : Butterworths, 1987.) Also available as an ebook

Donaghy, Michael., Neurology / Michael Donaghy. 2nd ed. (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2005.) A useful overview that takes a presentation-based approach. You may feel you need more detail regarding individual conditions.

Neurology and neurosurgery illustrated / Kenneth W. Lindsay, Ian Bone, Geraint Fuller. 5th ed. The most recent edition of this book is improved I think and is a useful concise text. Also available as an ebook

Fuller, Geraint., Neurological examination made easy / Geraint Fuller. Fifth edition. (Edinburgh : Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier, 2013.) Also available as an ebook

Greene, John N., Understanding neurology : a problem-orientated approach / John Greene, Ian Bone. (London : Manson, c2007.) Also available as an ebook

Other books for reference:

Aids to the examination of the peripheral nervous system. 5th ed. (Edinburgh : Saunders Elsevier, 2010) You will not find a neurologist who does not own a copy of this. How to examine every peripheral nerve in the human body...

The classic textbooks in Neurology (Brain's diseases of the nervous system, Adams and Victors etc) are always worth a browse...

Other sources of information:

Practical Neurology: Bare essentials series

These up-to-date readable reviews are very highly recommended. A few pages on key topics (eg: 'Muscle disease, Parkinson's Disease, Headache etc) are written by experts (including several from Oxford). The pdf's are accessible via the Oxford Network.

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