Document Supply

Requests for books and articles not available in the Bodleian Libraries’ collections should be placed online. Contact details are automatically imported to the form so the only information required is the details of the journal/book or article/chapter required. Once received, the Document Delivery Services team will search for your item and request a copy or loan. Articles/chapters will be sent by email, and books will be delivered to the library of your choice.

How do I access the form?

The form is accessed here. Log-in using your Oxford Single Sign On (for University members) or Bodleian Libraries login for those with 'HCL' library cards (with an orange stripe) – select 'Other Bod Card Holders'.

How do I pay for a request?

The cost is £5.00 per request. Payments are made from your PCAS account, which also funds printing, copying and scanning across the Bodleian libraries. Please see below for departmental account payments.

How do I add credit to my PCAS account?

You can add credit to your PCAS account here. Your PCAS login details are the same as your Bodleian Libraries account – the username and password you use to access University PCs in the library, SOLO, ‘Bodleian Libraries’ Wi-Fi, and now also the online inter-library loans form.
If you are making a number of requests at once and would rather not enter each one into the online form, you are able to email your requests to

If you are a member of a department with a departmental account it will have a PCAS account of its own. Your departmental administrator will give you this login so that you can place requests without having to use a personal PCAS account.

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