Research and teaching staff

Working closely with our colleagues in the Radcliffe Science Library, we provide a wide range of services to support the information needs of researchers and teaching staff across the Medical Sciences Division and the NHS.

These include direct support for research activity, including research bids and managing references, as well as support for individual and group learning/teaching and the development of individual research skills.

Electronic Resources

Please see our e-Resources pages for more details

We provide one of the largest collections of electronic resources in UK Higher Education. Over 26,000 online journals are now available via OxLIP+. NHS staff also have access to a wide range of online resources - see the most appropriate 'Information for users' pages for more details.

In-Depth Support

Our Outreach Librarians provide in-depth and expert support. We can help you in one of our libraries, but we are also happy to come to you.

Services we provide include conducting literature searches, support for research and project bids, support for systematic reviews, help with bibliographic software like EndNote or RefWorks and setting up automated current awareness alerts, table of contents and RSS feeds from journals and databases


Please see our Training pages for more details.

We offer a wide range of training opportunities which include a regular programme of workshops as well as customised classes and one-to-one sessions. We can also provide basic and advanced induction and training sessions, as well as training sessions as part of your away days, meetings or study days.

These can be held at the Library or other location of your choice. Topics might include:

  • Essential Search Skills.
  • Making the most of Oxford’s subscription databases.
  • Google Scholar and the World Wide Web for research.
  • Reference Management Software such as EndNote or RefWorks.
  • Citation searching with Web of Science and Scopus.
  • The research community and keeping up to date.
  • Doing a systematic review.
  • Critical Appraisal Skills.
  • Intellectual property and plagiarism.

Group and Private Study Spaces

Please see our Group Study Rooms page for more details.

Our libraries provide group study rooms that you can book in advance or just turn up and use as well as quiet places to study or browse the newspapers and latest journal issues.

IT Facilities

Please see our IT Facilities pages for more details.

We have over 50 PCs on the Bodleian Libraries and OUH Trust networks that you can use to access the Internet and to search all of the major healthcare databases as well as thousands of electronic journals. You can also access a range of standard office software packages.

Wireless access is available at both our sites as are printing and photocopying facilities.

You can print from all our PCs that are on the Bodleian Libraries network. Please see the Bodleian Libraries Making a Copy pages for more information.

Author Support

Our staff provide a wide variety of services to assist our users with their CV and manuscript preparation. These include help with finding the right journal for your article and checking impact factors, as well help with complying with funders’ open access policies and help with references.

Oxford University Research Archive (ORA)

Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) contains research publications and other research output produced by members of the University of Oxford.

ORA provides the means to preserve your research for the long-term and will help to enhance your publications’ visibility, citation count, impact and use. For more information about ORA and how we can help you contact the ORA helpdesk at

Further information 

Please contact us for more details.

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