Reading room rules

You must consult special collections material in a Weston Library reading room

Bodleian Libraries users do not automatically receive access to special collections material. Find out more about how to apply for access to material, and how to order material to consult.

When directly handling special collections material, please observe the following:

  • Please wash and dry your hands before handling material. You may be asked to wear gloves when handling some items.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the reading rooms and reference areas. This includes water, sweets and chewing gum.

  • Staff retain reader cards in exchange for any material issued from the reserve (including modern printed books).

  • Pens, highlighters and crayons should not be used in the Weston Library.

  • A reader may have up to 10 items. Only one box of single sheet material or four bound items may be issued at any one time.

  • When consulting a manuscript or a rare printed book, you must always use book supports.

  • No two readers may look at the same item together without permission.

  • All material must be returned to the reserve whenever the reader leaves the room for any length of time. Cards can only be returned in exchange for all material issued.

  • Photography of the reading rooms, selfies, video recording or live streaming is not permitted in the Weston Library.

Copying, scanning and photographing special collections

  • A number of options are available for obtaining images or copies of special collections. If you wish to photograph special collections material, you must first make a request to a member of staff. Find out more about scanning, copying and photography.

  • Modern printed books may be scanned or photocopied using the Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) facilities. Please ask a member of staff.