Spaces at the Radcliffe Camera

A student sits at a small white desk, surrounded by metal bookshelves

Until further notice, please enter and leave the Radcliffe Camera via the Bodleian Old Library and Gladstone Link.

The Upper Camera will close at 5pm on Monday 15 July, Tuesday 16 July, Thursday 25 July and Friday 26 July, due to the desk refurbishment project. The Lower Camera and Gladstone Link will remain open as usual on these evenings.


Lower Camera Reading Room

The Lower Camera Reading Room (LCam) is on the ground floor of the Radcliffe Camera. The History Faculty Library (HFL) is based here.

The Lower Camera contains the enquiry and circulation desk. Staff at the circulation desk support users of both the HFL collections and the Bodleian Library material housed in the Upper Camera Reading Room and the Gladstone Link.

The reading room offers Wi-Fi, reader spaces and two Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) machines. It has a self-issue terminal and a book return box for books borrowed from the HFL. 

Upper Camera Reading Room

The Upper Camera consists of a main level with stairs to an upper gallery level. The History Faculty Library staff office is in this reading room. During core opening hours, Radcliffe Camera staff can be found in the Upper Camera as well as the Lower Camera and are happy to help with queries about our services and collections.

The Upper Camera offers Wi-Fi, reader spaces, a central computer bay with reader PCs, and Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) facilities. There is a designated quiet study area where laptops and other electronic devices may not be used. 

Gladstone Link

The Gladstone Link connects the Radcliffe Camera and the Bodleian Old Library. It is accessible from the Bodleian Old Library via the North stairs or the lift in the nearby coat and bag lobby, and from the Radcliffe Camera via the Lower Camera reading room.

View a map of the Gladstone Link (PDF).

The Gladstone Link has two levels, with Wi-Fi available throughout. It offers an informal study environment, with 120 reader spaces, reader PCs and Print, Copy and Scan (PCAS) facilities. It has a variety of furniture types, including group study tables in corners or behind acoustic screens that provide opportunities for quiet discussion and group work. There are toilets in the Upper Gladstone Link.

Readers are encouraged to make use of mobile devices or listen to audio through leak-proof headphones. However, readers do need to be aware that this is still a study space. 

There is no formal service point in the Gladstone Link. Library staff provide roving support. Readers must familiarize themselves with the fire escape routes and evacuation plans. There are two emergency telephone points located near the red lobby, adjacent to the Radcliffe Camera, one on each level. Telephone numbers readers might need are displayed in the area.