Members of the University

Current members of Oxford University, including academic visitors registered with a College or department, may register to use the Library. Admission is by current blue-stripe University Card, which should be obtained from your college or department (see Getting a reader's card, below).

More information on University Cards (opens in new window)


Regular use

Bona fide researchers in the Library's subject area may register to use the Library for reference only.

Admission is normally by (gold-stripe) Bodleian Libraries Reader's Card. Any prospective reader intending to use the Library for more than a day is requested to obtain a Bodleian Libraries Reader's Card before their first visit. For further details and the relevant application form see, Getting a reader's card, below. Applicants should bring a form of identification and a letter of introduction from their home institution.

Non-members with silver-, mauve-, green- or red-striped cards will be admitted in accordance with the rules relating to those card. Further details of types of reader's card (opens in new window).

Brief visits

Visiting researchers intending to use only the Library for a visit of one day should email the Librarian in advance of their visit.

Before completing your application for a Bodleian Reader Card, please read the information below carefully in order to ascertain your current status using the links provided. 

If you do not hold a current formal affiliation to a College, Department, or institution at the University of Oxford, and require access to the Bodleian Libraries, you will need to apply for a Bodleian Reader Card.

Alternatively, if you are already affiliated with the University you will have access to the Bodleian Libraries via different methods.

If you are currently: 

  • Attached to a College, Department, or institution as an employee, student, or academic visitor at the University of Oxford, hold a degree from the University of Oxford, or if you are a retired staff member of the University of Oxford, view our Information for staff, students and graduates;
  • Participating in a study abroad programme or summer school within Oxford, or if you are currently affiliated to a study school within Oxford, view our Information for staff and students of summer schools;
  • Working for the NHS in Oxfordshire, view our Joining the library information.

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