Finding resources

The Bodleian Latin American Centre Library's collection includes material relating to the three postgraduate courses in the subject area: the MSc Latin American Studies, MPhil Latin American Studies and the MSc Public Policy in Latin America (links open in new windows).

This material is relevant to many other University students reading a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that include studies in Latin American economics, politics, social sciences and the history of the continent.

The library welcomes Senior Members of the University and academic visitors.

Our monographs and periodicals are written in Spanish, Portuguese and English. We have a few materials in German and French.

We also have papers on trade unions and agriculture as well as American PhD politics theses on microfilm. 

Books published after 1991 and all current journals are catalogued on SOLO (opens in new window), the library catalogue covering the majority of the Library collections of the University of Oxford. Our card catalogue in the Hall covers books published before 1991 and journals that are no longer subscribed to. The card catalogue is classified by author, and subject by country.


For details of the Bodleian Libraries' extensive collection of e-resources in the subject area, see our Latin American Studies online guide (opens in new window).

Collection development policy

Acquisitions are selected from reading lists, book reviews and publishers' catalogues. We also have a suggestion book in the Main Library. You can make suggestions online using our recommendation form. Read the Library's Collection Policy for Latin American Studies (opens in new window).

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