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How do I contact the Johnson Librarian?

You can either use the email, phone and postal contact details or use the Ask a Johnson Librarian form.

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Do I need to come in person?

Whether or not you need visit the Library depends on whether there are surrogates of the material you are interested in. It is best to check with the Librarian of the Collection, but the online list of digitised sections will help.

Many of the surrogates are available through the ProQuest Johnson Collection, an archive of printed ephemera site only. Free access is restricted to the UK, but is now available through a GeoLoc url, which means that you can use it anywhere. Outside the UK, access is by institutional subscription only.

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How do I order material?

All orders will be mediated by the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection. Please contact her direct for information, advice, and to arrange an appointment. Please note that you must have a valid 'A' category Bodleian reader's card.

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What should I bring when I come to consult the collection?

You should bring:

Bodleian Library reader's ticket applications forms (if applicable) and proof of identity and status. Please see the Admissions pages for full information. A category "A" Bodleian card is required.

A graphite pencil (pens are not allowed).

If you wish to take photographs (this is subject to copyright and condition), a camera capable of taking photographs without flash.

You may not take food or drink into the Reading Room. All personal possessions must be put in transparent bags (provided). Lockers are provided.

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How do I handle material?

You should first remove the material from the box and then from each folder (if applicable) in turn.

You must keep the material in order.

Much of the material is protected by mounts. Please take care when handling the documents, especially when consulting the last page of mounted items, which may not fold back flat.

NEVER force a document to open. If necessary, 'snakes' may be used to hold the page open without forcing it (please ask the Reading Room staff).

Photography is not possible unless the document opens flat.

Notes must be taken in pencil.

Gloves are worn only for handling photographs. 

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I canít find records for the John Johnson Collection in SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online)

SOLO is not the place to look for records for ephemera from the John Johnson Collection. There are some records, e.g.for ESTC (English Short Title Catalogue) items but you should search instead the Johnson online catalogue and (for certain sections) The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera (ProQuest) if you have access. For full information about our online catalogues, digital projects, and indexes, please see our Search pages.

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I canít find what I am looking for in the Johnson catalogue

Only 97 of c. 700 subject headings are catalogued. If you do not find what you are looking for, try the Indexes (lists of the contents of Johnson sections). If these do not help, please contact the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection.

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I have found interesting items in the Johnson catalogue, but no images

Not all items in the online catalogue have been digitised. However, in the case of 67,000 items from Advertising; 19th century Entertainment; Popular Prints; Booktrade; and Crime, Murders and Executions the images are licensed to ProQuest and are available through The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera.

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I canít access the ProQuest site

The ProQuest site is available free of charge to all in the UK.

If you are outside the UK, you cannot access the resource unless your institution subscribes. A free trial can be requested by your Librarian.  All records (without images) from the ProQuest site are available through the Johnson online catalogue.

How do I know if there is a pre-existing digital surrogate?

Jpegs are linked from the shelfmark in the Johnson online catalogue and from all forms of the record in the John Johnson Collection, an archive of printed ephemera. If you do not find an image on either site, contact the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection. 

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How can I use images?

You may:

You may not:

Reproduce items without permission, even for theses. You need to complete the Permissions form (electronic permissions form PDF 45kb or non-electronic permissions form PDF 79kb). There is no reproduction charge for theses or academic articles. Repro fees are reduced for academic books.

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How do I cite items?

When you complete the permissions to reproduce forms, you will need the full shelfmark. When you cite material from the John Johnson Collection, you should use the following form of words:

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: John Johnson Collection: [shelfmark + item number] e.g.

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford: John Johnson Collection: Animals on Show 2 (70)

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How do I arrange a visit?

Please read our page entitled Research visits  for full information. Be aware that you will need to have a category 'A' Bodleian reader's card. You must contact the Librarian of the John Johnson Collection to make an appointment to see material. All ordering is mediated through the Librarian.

How do I search the Collection?

Please read our page entitled Search for full information.

How do I order copies of images?

Please read the Imaging Services pages for full information.

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