Printed Document Packs

The table below lists the remaining undergraduate printed document packs available to purchase from the History Faculty Library.  All of these packs are now available online via Weblearn (direct links available from our Undergraduate Collections and Resources page), with the exception of Special Subject 'The Russian Revolution of 1917' and the Paper IV Foreign Text on Trotsky.

Please contact us if you have any questions about printed packs and to check availability of the packs listed below.  This list was updated on 16 May 2014.

Special Subjects

Number of copies (cost per pack)

Francia in the Age of Clovis and Gregory of Tours

2 (£5.84)

Norman Conquest of England

10 (£4.10)

England in Crisis

2 (£8.67)

Joan of Arc and her age, 1419-35: Texts

2 (£24.53)

Joan of Arc and her age, 1419-35: Images

7 (£1.58)

Government, Politics and Society in England, 1547-1558

2 (£24.53)

The Scientific Movement in the 17th Century

4 (£24.53)

Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1647-1658

7 (£4.10)

English Architecture : Texts

2 (£29.85)

English Architecture : Wren Society Extracts

6 (£29.85)

Growing Up in the Middle Class Family

5 (£5.84)

Russian Revolution of 1917

Note: only available in print, not online

5 (£8.67)

India, 1919-1939: Contesting the Nation

Sold out. Use eSet Texts

France from the Popular Front to the Liberation

Sold out. Use eSet Texts

Further Subjects

Society and Government in France 1600-1715

Sold out. Use eSet Texts

The First Industrial Revolution, 1700-1879

2 (£15.60)

Medicine, Empire, and Improvement, 1720-1820

5 (£15.60)

Nationalism in Western Europe, 1799-1890

4 (£24.53)

Intellect and culture in Victorian Britain

9 (£18.95)

Authority of Nature

14 (£4.10)

Nationalism, Politics, and Culture in Ireland, c.1870-1921

7 (£29.85)

Optional Subjects

Revolution and Empire

1 (£15.75)

Prelim Paper IV: Foreign Texts


Note: only available in print, not online

4 (£5.50)

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