Rules and regulations

Regulations relating to the use of the facilities of the Bodleian Libraries, to which all readers admitted to those libraries and facilities are deemed to have subscribed and to which they must adhere, are published in the University Regulations. There are additional rules regulating the use of IT facilities.

Please see the Bodleian Libraries Rules of Conduct for Readers. The following local library procedures should also be noted:

No Library equipment may be removed from the building, nor any books, except as provided in the Bodleian Libraries rules. In the event of the security systems being triggered, readers must follow instructions given by staff.

No responsibility is taken for coats, umbrellas or other property which are brought into the building entirely at the owner's risk.

There are no parking places for readers' cars or bicycles, and bicycles left outside the building must not obstruct exits or the pavement.

Current members of Oxford University who wish to borrow books must register with library staff.

Readers will be registered for different types of use according to their course and status.

Materials borrowed must be officially issued by Library staff in accordance with current procedures. They will not be issued to anyone without production of a valid University Card or equivalent.

Books borrowed must be returned on or before the date to which they are issued, or as requested by a recall notice. Fines will be payable for the late return of books. Readers with overdue books or accumulated fines of £10 and over will not be allowed to borrow further whilst these are outstanding.

Some materials are provided for use in the Library only. Lending books may also be consulted in the Library but may not be reserved for use in the Library at a later date.

Seats may not be reserved, and staff may remove property left on desks if other readers require working space.


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