Library management

The Bodleian History Faculty Library is part of the Bodleian Libraries. As such it follows Bodleian Libraries policies and procedures.

Official forum for discussion about library provision in History

As Faculty-run committee, the Committee on Library Provision & Strategy (CLIPS) in History provides guidance and advice to the History Librarian concerning library matters for the study and teaching of History throughout the University, but especially concerning history provision primarily but not exclusively in the Bodleian History Faculty Library and the Bodleian Library.

Items for discussion typically include:

  • Library strategy and policies
  • Library services
  • Collection development budgets
  • Planning for the Humanities Lending Library on the ROQ Site
  • Provision of collections (printed and electronic) 
  • Inductions and user education
  • Feedback and queries from student representatives and Faculty members

The membership of the CLiPS includes:

  • Library staff who have some responsibility for provision in the area of history, including Weston Library 
  • A college librarian representative
  • Faculty members representing different periods or areas
  • 3 student representatives for undergraduates (1), master students (1) and doctoral students (1)
  • The CLiPS chair also a member of the History Faculty Board.
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