Laptop loans

Medical students, Oxford Deanery FY Doctors and OUH Trust staff can borrow laptops between 9.30am and 4pm on Monday-Friday from the Cairns Library and Knowledge Centre.


  • Laptops can be borrowed for up to five days at a time.
  • ONE renewal is allowed
  • The laptop is for the exclusive use of the reader who borrowed it and under no circumstances should the laptop be lent to others
  • Laptops can only be borrowed and returned to the library between the hours of 9:30am 4pm (Monday to Friday)

No personal, or confidential data is to be stored on the laptop as the hard drive will be wiped clean when it is returned

Fines and damage

  • If the loaned laptop is not returned on the due date, readers will be fined £10 per day for each day that they retain the laptop
  • The reader is in charge of the laptop. If it is lost, stolen, or damaged, he/she is liable to cover any loss or damage
  • Damage to the laptops should be reported by the reader promptly, so that the machine can be repaired. If the laptop is stolen, the reader should report the matter to both the police and the library. A form is provided for readers to report lost, damaged, or stolen laptops

Software available

The following software is installed on the laptops:

  • MS Windows XP x86 SP3
  • MS Office 2010
  • MS Internet Explorer 8
  • Sophos AntiVirus
  • Cisco VPN Anyconnect client
  • Endnote X5
  • SPSS 20
  • Reference Manager 11
  • Nuance PDF Manager (Reader/Converter)

Please contact us to enquire about this service.

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