The Mabel FitzGerald Archive, or: An extraordinary woman

Mabel FitzGerald was a remarkable scientist who became only the second female member of the American Physiological Society in 1913 and who worked with many of the leading scientists of her era including Osler and Haldane.

She began her studies of physiology at Oxford in 1896 but despite excelling in her examinations could not be awarded a degree, as the University did not formally admit women at this date. She was awarded a degree from the University in 1972 at the age of 100.

After her death, her personal and academic papers, along with family papers from her Oxford home in Crick Lane, came to the Bodleian Library. A 12-month project funded by the Wellcome Trust to sort, preserve, catalogue and make accessible the FitzGerald Archive started in November last year.

Take a look at The Mabel FitzGerald Archive, or: An extraordinary woman for more information on this remarkable woman and her work, and on the work being undertaken on the collection.



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