Proposed Cancellation of Current Protocols in Human Genetics

Following our consultation on the use of the Current Protocol titles, we have identified Current Protocols in Human Genetics as candidate for cancelation.

Of all our Current Protocol subscriptions this title had the lowest number of downloads in 2013 and the lowest number of responses expressing an interest in retaining it. We have had only one response so far supporting the retention of this subscription and the cost per download in 2013 for this title was £28.83 at a time when we are facing very significant budget pressures.

It is important to note that this is not yet a notice of cancellation for this title. As the final part of this consultation we would welcome any further feedback on the impact of cancelling this title. Please respond to Owen Coxall, the BHCL Collections Manager, at by March 21st

To make sure that we minimise any inconvenience associated with withdrawing the current subscription to this title, you will still be able to obtain articles via our document supply service at the Bodleian Health Care Libraries and Radcliffe Science Library, further details at: or

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