Access to all OUP Online Content

Introducing Oxford Index

All members of the Medical Sciences Division and the OUH Trust have access to all the online textbooks published by the Oxford University Press (including over 1,500 online medical and health care textbooks) as well as many online healthcare journals.

These are all available via several different interfaces but you can now use the Oxford Index to search across all of the online books and journals from the OUP from one search box.

The Oxford Index brings together the best of reference, journals, and scholarly works in one search tool.  The Index provides smart recommendations for related content - from journal articles and scholarly monographs, to reference content, primary sources, and more - based on your research interests.

The Index is found at the bottom of the screen at and also directly at Just enter your search term(s) in the search box and click the search icon to view your results.  You can then filter or sort them them by publication type, subject area, and several other tags.

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