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June 2019 Radical Business? 

May 2017 Hogarth Press Centenary: print-a-thon at the Bibliographical Press

May 2017 360o workshop on a parchment manuscript

The Lyell Lectures, 2017: Paul Nelles, The Vatican Library in the Counter-Reformation

Sonnets 2016 collection and celebration 

July 2016 Woodblock printing: History, art, and science 

The Lyell Lectures, 2016: Tessa Webber, Public Reading and its Books: Monastic Ideals and Practice in England c. 1000-c. 1300

May 2015: Kabe Wilson 'Of one woman or so'; Virginia Woolf remixed

The Lyell Lectures, 2015: Michael Suarez; The Reach of Bibliography

April, 2015: Letterlocking workshop with Jana Dambrogio (MIT)  

July 2014, Symposium:  Error and Print Culture, 1500-1800. Convened by Adam Smyth (Oxford)

12 June 2014 Renee Raphael (UC Irvine/RSA-Bodleian Scholar)
'How to read Galileo: examples from the Savilian Library'.
Renee Raphael: Scholar Focus

10 June 2014: Byrne Bussey Marconi Lecture, Michael Weatherburn (Imperial): 'Time and Emotion Study: Anne Shaw, Metropolitan Vickers, and Work Experiments on the Twentieth Century British Factory Floor'

3 June 2014: Marie-Claude Felton (McGill University / Royal Bank of Canada-Bodleian Visiting Scholar) Self-Publishing in 18th-century Paris and London[video podcast]

2 June 2014: Asa McKercher (Queen's University, Royal Bank of Canada Visiting Scholar at the Bodleian Library)
Pax Canadiana: Canada and the End of Britain's Empire, 1945-1982

22 May 2014: Mapping the British Book Trades
A one-day workshop proposing strategies for linking online resources for the study of British publishing and printing history. Convened by Ian Gadd (Bath Spa) and Giles Bergel (Oxford)
Supported by a grant from the John Fell OUP Research Fund

21 May 2014: Peter Blayney (Toronto) 'Once upon a time there were three Georges'
Guest lecture (with Merton College History of the Book Group)

29 April - 13 May 2014: Professor H.R. Woudhuysen (Lincoln College)
The 2014 Lyell Lectures,  'Almost Identical': Copying Books in England, 1600-1900.
29 April - 13 May 2014
Lecture 1. 'All my deed but copying is': Bibliography and the Cult of the Copy
Lecture 2. Making Defect Perfection: Maimed and Deformed Books
Lecture 3. Engraving Manuscripts; Antiquarian Reprints
Lecture 4.  After Roxburghe: Scarcity and Supply
Lecture 5. Facsimiles, Forgeries, and Fakes

21 February 2014: Symposium: The Lure of the Ether  (Byrne Bussey Marconi Lecture and Symposium, with Faculty of Modern History)
Convened by Jaume Navarro (Ikerbasque), Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellow 2013
Imogen Clarke, 'The ether at the crossroads of classical and modern physics'
Jaume Navarro, 'Ether and wireless: an old medium into new media'
Richard Noakes, 'The ethereal in scientific cultures, 1880-1930'
Richard Staley, 'Einstein's ether'
Michael Whitworth, 'Ether and its Metaphors'

20 February 2014: Dr William Noel (University of Pennsylvania)
Bibliography in bits: the study of books in the twenty-first century
McKenzie Lecture (with the McKenzie Trust)
Hear an interview with William Noel

4 December 2013 Nicole Gilroy and Andrew Honey (Bodleian)  Early modern bindings in the Bodleian

22 November 2013 Katherine Larson (Toronto / RSA-Bodleian Scholar), Embodying Song in Early Modern England

11 November 2013 Dunstan Roberts (Cambridge) Henrician Sammelbände

4 November 2013: Orietta da Rold (Cambridge) 'Codicology and localization in medieval English manuscripts'

28 October 2013: Kasper van Ommen (Leiden) 'Annotated books from Scaliger's library in Oxford'

21 October 2013: Jean-Pascal Pouzet (Limoges) 'Describing codicological structures in western medieval manuscripts' (Seminar in Palaeography and Manuscript Studies, 21 October 2013)

18 October 2013: Juan Carlos Conde, 'A neglected old Spanish bible translation, Bodleian MS. Canon. ital. 177' (Seminar on History of the Book, 1450-1830)

14 October 2013: Louisiane Ferlier, 'John Wallis (1616-1703) and the idea of a universal library'

30 September 2013: Symposium: Edmond Malone's collection and Shakespearean scholarship

19 September 2013: Display: Objects in the lives of writers (in connection with the conference, 'The Lives of Objects,' Inaugural Conference of the Centre for Life Writing

8 May 2013: Anders Ingram, 'The Cadiz Expedition (1596) and censorship in Elizabethan England'

28 February 2013: Xu Bing, 'The Sort of Artist I Am,' (D.F. McKenzie Lecture)

26 November 2012: Felix Waldmann, 'Tyrrell, Locke, and Patriarcha non Monarcha' (masterclass) 

12 November 2012: Chris Fletcher and Marinita Stiglitz, 'Leaves, feathers, pins, poetry and pity' (masterclass)

5 November 2012: Julia Crick, '10th century English manuscripts' (masterclass)

29 October 2012: Will Poole, 'Books and their readers in early modern England'(masterclass)

22 October 2012: Kathryn Sutherland and Andrew Honey, 'Jane Austen, pins and paper' (masterclass)

15 October 2012: masterclass: Kathryn Rudy, 'Squeezing new life out of old books'

8 October 2012: masterclass: Susan Rennie, 'Boswell's Dictionary of Scots Words'

9-13 July, 2012 Summer School: Bibliography and the study of paper

18 May, 2012 : talk by Balliol-Bodleian Scholar, Katie Longo, on researching the Gilbert Murray Archive in preparation for the 2014 exhibition commemorating WWI

16 May, 2012: Masterclass: David Butterfield, on the editing and reading of Lucretius, at the conference, The early modern Lucretius, organized by the Centre for Early Modern Studies

22-24 March, 2012: Conference: How the secularization of religious houses transformed the libraries of Europe, 16th-19th centuries

2012 Hilary Term Seminar on the History of the Book (All Souls College)

2012 McKenzie Lecture, 9 February: John B. Thompson, 'Merchants of culture'

18 January 2012, Walter Harding, Ragtime to Riches: a celebration of the Harding Collection at the Bodleian Library

15 September, 2011: The Selden Map of China: colloquium

9 June 2011: The Place of Bindings in Book History and Bibliography

Authorship, memory, and manuscripts: Political papers masterclasses, Hilary Term, 2011

2 March 2011: Professor Paul Eggert (University of New South Wales) delivered the Annual D.F. McKenzie Lecture

1 March, 2011: Professor Peter Scott (University of Reading) delivered the first Douglas Byrne Marconi Lecture, Radio Manufacturing in the Interwar Years

[LINK for podcast of the lecture and an interview of Professor Scott by Jim Bennett, curator of the Oxford Museum of the History of Science]

Hilary Term 2011: Seminar on the History of the Book, 1450-1830. See Programme of 2011 series

Electronic Enlightenment colloquium 2010 - Enlightenment correspondence: letter-writing and reading in the 18th century

Michaelmas Term, 2010: Literary Manuscripts Masterclasses at the Bodleian Library

Michaelmas Term, 2010: Medieval Paleography Masterclasses at the Bodleian Library

3 Sept. 2010, Symposium: The Gathered Text

And hear a podcast of the convenor, Rebecca Bullard, introducing the symposium.

2 Sept. 2010, Masterclass: using the McLeod collator

Conservation Reports: Selden map of Chinese trade routes

25 May 2010, CSB Special Lecture: Jacob Soll (Rutgers University), 'Enlightenment libraries and the quest for universal knowledge reconsidered'

The Lyell lectures, 2010: Ian Maclean (All Souls College), 'The business of scholarship: the trade in Latin books in the age of confessions, 1560-1630'

10 May 2010, CSB/CEMS Roundtable: Early modern literary mss. resources

8 May 2010, Symposium: Provenance

Conservation Reports: Jane Austen manuscript

1 April 2010, CSB Special Lecture: Peter Stallybrass (University of Pennsylvania), 'What is a book? Shakespeare unbound, and bound'

10 March 2010, 15th McKenzie Lecture: Henry Woudhuysen (University of London), 'A.W. Pollard (1859-1944): Friends and Fine Printing'

4 Feb. 2010, Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles and CSB Lecture, Henry Woudhuysen and Michael Suarez: The Oxford Companion to the Book: Research and Collecting

Hilary Term, 2010, Seminar on History of the Book (All Souls College)

14 Nov. 2009, Symposium: Taking Sides: the printed broadside, 1450-1850

13 Nov. 2009, Curators' Roundtable on broadsides resources online

6 Nov. 2009, CSB Special Lecture: Peter Koch (CODEX Foundation, Berkeley, California), 'The book as a work of art'.

Report of the CSB in 2008-9

14 May 2009, CSB Special Lecture: Kasper van Ommen (Scaliger Institute, University of Leiden), 'Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609)'

9 June, 2009. The Vernon Manuscript Symposium

The Lyell Lectures, 2009. Christopher de Hamel on medieval and renaissance manuscript fragments in bindings.

27 Apr. 2009, Anselm Day: a discussion with five manuscripts

20 Mar. 2009, Gough Day: A celebration of the life and collections of Richard Gough

20 Nov. 2008, Symposium: Collectors and Collections: music/books/prints/antiquities

17 & 19 Nov. 2008, CSB Special Lectures: Bill Stoneman (Houghton Library, Harvard University) "Private Collectors and Public Libraries: - One Hundred Years after the Burlington Fine Arts Club Exhibition of Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts - Fifty Years after the First of the Dyson Perrins Sales of Medieval Manuscripts"

29 Feb. - 1 March 2008, Symposium: The sixteenth century book: European perspectives

Report of the CSB in 2007-8

13 May 2008, Occasional Lecture: Italian Academies 1530-1700 Project, British Library and Royal Holloway

The Lyell Lectures, 2008: Kristian Jensen on collecting incunables during the French Revolution

7 March 2008, Workshop, jointly held by the CSB and the British Printed Images to 1700 Project, at Birkbeck College

Conservation Reports: MS. Digby 98, Restoration of a medieval manuscript volume

27 November 2007, Curators' Roundtable on Islamic manuscripts catalogues online

13 June 2007, Curators' Roundtable on medieval manuscripts resources online

12 June 2007, Symposium: Psalms and the psalter

8 May 2007, CSB Special Lecture: Bettina Wagner (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München), 'From print to database: online access to Munich incunables'

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