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We regret to announce that these lectures and seminars have been postponed until further notice.  Please see the Bodleian Libraries' main visitor webpage https://visit.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/plan-your-visit for information on closures of library spaces during 2020.

*Postponed* The Lyell Lectures 2020

Professor Marc Smith, École nationale des chartes, Lyell Reader in Bibliography 2019-20
Writing models from manuscript to print: France, England and Europe, c. 1400-1800

1 Writing Models and the Formation of National Scripts

2 Bibliography and the Life Cycles of Writing Books

3 Renaissance Calligraphy from Pen to Press and back

4 The Golden Age of French Writing Masters?

5 “L’Ecriture Anglaise dans sa Perfection”

From the later Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century, western handwriting was subjected to an unprecedented diversity of scripts and styles, characteristic of nations, languages, institutions, functional uses and the professional or social status of men and women. The calligraphic models for teaching such scripts were developed by professional scribes such as copyists, chancery clerks, secretaries and writing masters. A minority among them had their manuscripts translated into print and widely circulated, thus contributing to a European market of letter forms, shaped and reshaped by the changing balance of power and taste. After the prevalence of Italian models in the Renaissance, French writing books were an essential component of that market, until the English round hand (later known as ‘copperplate’) gradually became the common medium of business in the West. At the crossroads of bibliography and palaeography, the lectures will address a number of technical, commercial and cultural issues raised by the cataloguing and scrutiny of French writing books, hitherto the least charted territory in early modern calligraphy. 

*Postponed* April and May 2020 "How it's done" : relief, intaglio, and lithographic printing

Learn about the techniques behind The Art of Advertising exhibition

Martin Andrews, Lecturer in Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, presents illustrated talks on the historical development of printing techniques, with examples of ephemera and a hands-on demonstration of each technique.

Oxford Bibliographical Society Lectures 

*Postponed* Publication beyond printing

Thursday 4 June, Leverhulme Doctoral Students (University of Oxford, Humanities Division), with Professor Dan Wakelin 'Publication beyond printing' (short talks). 

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