Other Conservative Party material held at the Bodleian Library

The Conservative Party Archive (CPA) is the institutional archive of the Conservative Party, rather than of individual members of the Conservative Party. For instance, while the CPA contains a lot of material, such as letters and memoranda written by Churchill and Thatcher, the CPA does not contain their private papers.

Separately from the Conservative Party Archive, the Bodleian Library is recognised as one the four main centres for the collection and study of modern British political papers, as distinct from the official archives of Government which are housed at The National Archives and the institutional archives of political parties. As such, it holds a number of significant collection of private papers of eminent Conservatives, which complement the material held in the Conservative Party Archive.

Private papers of leading Conservatives held at the Bodleian include, but are not limited to:

Conservative Prime Ministers:

Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, Prime Minister (1868; 1874-1880)

Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, Prime Minister (1957-1963)

Edward Heath, Prime Minister (1970-1974) [Unavailable until catalogued]

Conservative Party Officials:

Richard Middleton, Principal Agent, Conservative Central Office (1885-1903)

John Sanders, Private Secretary to Arthur Balfour (1892-1915) 

Sir Malcolm Fraser, Principal Agent (1920-1923) and Conservative Party Vice-Chairman (1937-1938) [No online catalogue available]

Joseph Ball, Conservative Party Director of Publicity (1927-1930) and Director of the Conservative Research Department (1930-1939)

Frederick James Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton, Conservative Party Chairman (1945-1955)

William Clark, Press and Public Relations Adviser to Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden (1955-1956) 

Janet Young, Conservative Party Vice-Chairman (1975-1983) [Unavailable until catalogued]

Emma Nicholson, Conservative Party Vice-Chairman (1983-1987) [Unavailable until catalogued]

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