Readers are required to sign a copyright declaration form on their first visit.

Permission must be obtained from the Conservative Party for the reproduction of any text or image from the Archive or the Conservative Party Archive web page. To obtain permission, you need to apply in writing to at Conservative Campaign Headquarters (4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ). Please note that reproduction fees may apply.

Citing from material in the Conservative Party Archive

To quote (verbatim) requires the written permission of the copyright owner. Note, however, that you may refer to material or paraphrase it without the need for formal permission.

Copyright in material written by Conservative Party officials on behalf of the Party (including Sir Keith Joseph), is Conservative Party copyright. Most of the material in the Conservative Party Archive is therefore Conservative Party copyright, but should you wish to quote from non-Conservative officials, that is from in-coming letters from X,Y or Z, then you have to think in terms of them (and their heirs/descendants or literary executors) having separate copyright ownership. Under the terms of the current and enhanced Copyright Act of 1988/9 all unpublished manuscript material is copyrighted until 2039, or until 70 years after the death of the writer, whichever is the later. For permission to quote from Conservative Party officials’ papers within the Archive, you will need to contact at Conservative Campaign Headquarters; this is usually a formality. Please contact the Conservative Party Archivist if you are in any doubt as to whether a document falls within Conservative Party copyright. Ultimately the onus is upon you to satisfy any copyright requirements.

The question of quoting from unpublished manuscript material as far as the Bodleian Library is concerned is relatively straightforward. Basically the Library is happy for you to quote from its manuscript collections, the only requirement being that you acknowledge the Bodleian as the owners (or in the case of the Conservative Party Archive – the custodians of the manuscripts). Our preferred form of citation is as follows:

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Conservative Party Archive [followed by shelfmark, e.g. CRD 1/1/1].

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