SOLO issues archive

The following SOLO issues have now been resolved:

Shelfmark searches for Chinese materials

There were problems with shelfmark searches for Chinese language materials. Better results could be found by using the "in the shelfmark (Chinese records)" limit and changing full-stops and slashes to a space. (For example, search for "Chin e 6817 5" instead of "Chin.e.6817/5"). This issue was fixed in the July 2015 upgrade.

Search terms containing hyphens

Some searches for short titles that contained hyphens were unsuccessful or returned fewer results than expected. This issue was fixed in the July 2015 upgrade.

Search terms containing apostrophes

Some searches containing apostrophes were unsuccessful or returned fewer results than expected. If you did not get the results you expected, it was suggested that you try removing the apostrophe and 'closing up' the search term e.g. in transliterated Arabic 'al-a'yan' would be entered as 'al-ayan'. This issue was fixed in the July 2015 upgrade.

Searching using Chinese script

Some searches for Chinese characters did not return all relevant results so it was necessary to do the search in quotes, e.g., "àc—z" or to use the Chinese Allegro Catalogue (NB. The Chinese Allegro Catalogue only covers Chinese script materials held by the Bodleian Libraries). The upgrade to the latest version of the underlying software on 1st July 2014 fixed this issue. 

Refine further lightbox (pop-up) not displaying after browse search

The lightbox to select/exclude multiple facets in 'refine your search' was not displaying in certain browsers, including Windows browsers, following a browse search.  A fix for this issue was provided by the software developer as part of the upgrade July 2014.   

View all items not displaying if six items at one location

Where there are multiple items for a location, SOLO will display up to five with a link to "view all items" if there are more available. In cases where there were six items available for one location, this link was not displaying correctly. The software vendor was made aware of this issue and fixed the problem in the January 2014 update.

Emailing of records

There was an issue with emailing records from SOLO, either from the "Send to" menu on individual records or via the eshelf. This issue was fixed in the January 2014 software update.

Tag search

Although newly-added tags were being indexed and retrieved in the usual manner, clicking on user tags which predated the SOLO upgrade on 3 September 2013 did not display the records to which those tags are attached. The issue was reported to the software vendor's developers and this issue was swiftly resolved.

Author search hyperlinks fail

Clicking on hyperlinked author names in SOLO often resulted in 0 results. As a workaround, readers were advised to search by manually typing in the author name as a search term. This issue was fixed by the software provider during June 2012.

Ordering items bound in a volume with other material

Some items in the library collections are bound together into sets e.g. a number of pamphlets may be bound together into a volume. Although the items bound together are usually connected in some way, often by subject, they are catalogued separately in SOLO as there is no true relationship between them. 

Where items are bound together it is currently possible to order the first work in the volume from the SOLO "Request" or "Location" tab. However, subsequent works in the same volume cannot be ordered via the "Request" tab. Readers can order these items via the SOLO "Locations" tab.

Incorrect hold request limits

In some cases, the limit on the number of items that readers can request from closed stacks was incorrect. The system configuration was adjusted so that the correct request limits now apply. Library staff are able to override system limits so do talk to library staff if you feel you are being unduly restricted in the number of items you can order.

Internet Explorer and non-Roman scripts and diacritics

When using Internet Explorer there is a problem with searches containing non-Roman scripts, words with diacritics or apostrophes: only the first page of results is visible. Moving to the second and subsequent pages (and the opening of record clusters) results in an error.

The system supplier is working to fix this issue, in the meantime use another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.



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