Copyright restrictions


Imaging Services operates under the constraints of UK Copyright Law.

A work is in copyright for 70 years after the death of the author. Although a text may no longer be in copyright, an edition of that text involving contribution from an editor or a translator will have a new copyright, which will last for 70 years after the editorís or translatorís death.

Unless the item you wish to copy is out of copyright, or you have the written permission of the copyright holder, it is advisable to stay within the following limits:

  • One copy of one article in a serial publication or in a set of conference proceedings or in a collective work.
  • One copy of one complete chapter from a book.
  • One copy of one case report from a law report.
  • Up to 5% of a physical volume of any of the above (which may be greater than one article, chapter or report, or may include extracts from more than one such article, chapter or report).
  • One short story or poem in a collective work, up to ten pages in length.

Requests for complete reproduction of material beyond these limits will require written copyright permission from the copyright holder before Imaging Services will accept the order form.

Illustrations are separate works in their own right, with separate copyright. If they are in copyright they may not be copied separately. They may only be copied if the copying is incidental to the copying of the text in which they occur. As well as pictorial and photographic works, graphs, charts, maps, diagrams and technical drawings all count as illustrations.

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