Digital Cameras and Personal Scanners

Library visitors may use personal scanners and digital cameras to make copies from library material, with some exceptions. As a general rule, scanning or photography of material is at the discretion of library staff. Please consult library staff to see if an item  is eligible to be copied.

Reading rooms have set aside particular areas or desks for you to do this. Please ask staff where these can be found in the reading room you are using.

Rules of use:

  • All equipment with the exception of flat bed scanners may be used.
  • The use of flash photography is forbidden at all times.
  • Copyright law applies to material copied by these methods (see preservation and copyright restrictions).
  • Use of digital cameras to take photographs within library buildings, other than authorised material, is not permitted.

Further advice on the use of personal scanners and digital cameras within the Bodleian Libraries is available on the Bodleian Libraries' website.

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