Making a Copy

The Library offers a number of ways in which readers can make copies from items in its collections, appropriate to the age, size, format and condition of each item. These web pages provide information about photocopying, printing and imaging services for the Bodleian Library, including how to use our PCAS (Print, Copy and Scan) system, how to obtain copies of fragile or manuscript material and the use of digital cameras and personal scanners.

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

General information on our photocopying, printing and scanning services, including staff mediated photocopying and postal orders.

PCAS (Print, Copy & Scan)

Information on how you can print, copy and scan within the libraries using our PCAS system (including PCAS Terms & Conditions).

Digital Cameras and Personal Scanners

You may use these to make copies of printed material in the Bodleian Library, with some exceptions.

Imaging Services

Information on how to obtain photographic-quality reproductions and permission to use them.

Scan and Deliver

There is now a Scan & Deliver service for items held in the Bodleian Libraries Book Storage Facility. Instead of requesting the physical item to a reading room, you can request scans of sections direct to your desktop.


There are limits to how much can be legally copied from a single document; please see our copyright pages for more information. 


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