Weston Library opening to readers changed to Monday 29 September

In order to ensure that the Weston Library is ready to allow readers to consult material in the building, the first reading room will now open Monday 29 September. The building will be open to readers and all three reading rooms in the Weston Library will now open together on the 29 September.  

Any materials booked to be read in the Weston Library in this coming week will be available for consultation in Duke Humfrey's Library, which will remain open for another week. 

The move of open shelf reference materials will continue as planned during this week. 

Staff in Duke Humfrey's Library will be happy to help deal with any issues of access to material.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the slight delay. For further information please visit our Weston Library webpages or for specific Special Collections enquiries please contact our Special Collections team.
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