3D printing at the Radcliffe Science Library

24 November 2014

Text promoting 3D printing events at the RSLStarting in 8th week of Michaelmas Term 2014 (1-5 December), the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) will be launching various 3D printing and scanning events and services, including:

1 December 2014

Demonstrations of 3D printing and scanning in action

3 December 2014, 2pm-5pm

Talks about 3D printing in research and teaching

5, 12, 19 December 2014

Opportunities for participants to try out the technology themselves

The aim is to expose those not familiar with 3D printing and scanning to these exciting new technologies, spark creativity and innovation with opportunities to experiment, and get people thinking about how it could be used in their own research and teaching.

3D objects printed at the Radcliffe Science LibraryAfter the launch events, the RSL would like to encourage those interested in 3D printing and scanning to contact the library to see how they can use the new equipment to further enhance their research and teaching.

For more information on 3D printing and scanning at the RSL, including the equipment available, how to participate, and 3D model repositories please visit their LibGuide to 3D Printing and Scanning.

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