Improvements to the Radcliffe Camera: New entrance opens

2 October 2013

Radcliffe Camera desk 

Following a summer of building work in the Old Bodleian and Radcliffe Camera, the Lower Camera reopened to readers Tuesday 1 October.

The major change to the reading room is the new entrance on the south side of the building, which means that after the completion of the path, disabled readers will have direct access to the Lower Camera. A glass entrance lobby makes the most of an arch that provided one of the original entrances to the building in the 19th century. Previously disparate services have now been gathered at one point, including a new enquiry desk and book collection area (including self collect), the access gate and security such as book detectors.

The north door into Radcliffe Camera is now closed, and the Upper Camera is now within the security zone of the Library, which means that readers can now move freely with books between the Upper Camera and other reading rooms.

A few outstanding aspects to the project remain. The most significant is that the pathway to the new entrance will not be fully finished until approximately 14 October. The first part of the pathway outside the new entrance is complete, so access to the Radcliffe Camera will be through the gate in the railings opposite the Old Bodleian (current entrance to the grounds), around to the west (Brasenose) side of the building and in through the new door opposite the University Church.

Thank you to all our readers for their patience while the work was completed.

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