Bodleian Libraries - Statement on Lending

17 June 2012

In September, books currently available through the History Faculty Library for borrowing will continue to be able to be borrowed according to the same policy in their new locations, the Radcliffe Camera and the Gladstone Link, as in their former location, the Old Indian Institute. Books that are restricted from borrowing will remain restricted. We shall be posting regular updates on the status of the History Faculty Library throughout the move period; these can be found on the HFL website ( as well as on our main Bodleian Libraries site (

The Bodleian has no plans to change the categories of stock which are eligible to be lent or the categories of borrowers to whom books may be lent. In 2013 the Bodleian Libraries will be reviewing their lending policy and consulting widely across the University and with stakeholders as part of the process. In the interim there will be no changes to policy. If, in the unlikely instance that unforeseen circumstances require a change in policy, any changes would be made in consultation with users and would be subject to the approval of the Curators of the University Libraries. 

For more information on the history of lending at the Bodleian Libraries and the lending policy please read our Lending Fact Sheet.

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