History Faculty Library move - update

9 March 2012

Having heard details of consultations held with Humanities colleagues, librarians, and students, the Curators of the University Libraries have endorsed the proposal to transfer the collections, services and staff of the History Faculty Library (HFL) to new locations in the Radcliffe Camera and the Gladstone Link (the revised proposal (Option C): for further details, see the HFL website).

Bodley's Librarian has made a number of assurances regarding the long-term strategy of Humanities Libraries, financial settlement, staffing and identity of the HFL. The proposed move reflects the Bodleian's strategy to provide enhanced interdisciplinary services at fewer service points. The principal benefits of the move arise from the savings on space charges: for Humanities, this means Sunday opening of the Camera and the Old Bodleian; for History, an increase in the annual acquisitions budget.

In response to specific requests from students, there will be a trial of 'priority seating' for History Finalists, lockers, desks where laptops may be chained. The gold stickers on HFL books will remain, and the name 'History Faculty Library' will also remain.

There is still ongoing consultation to finalise particular details of the move.

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