Microfilm collections

The library has an extensive collection of primary source materials on microfilm, including historic newspapers and the papers of several major organizations and significant figures. Microfilms may be found by searching SOLO (note however that not all microfilms are catalogued), or by browsing the subject guide or list of newspapers.

The microfilm collections are kept in cabinets on the ground floor of the library. Each cabinet drawer is labelled with the range of call numbers it contains. The subject guide also indicates in which cabinet and drawer any particular film is located. Note that microfiche and microcards are all located in cabinet 21 (on the end), regardless of call number.

The library has three microfilm readers available. We’d advise using them in the following order of preference.

Digital microfilm reader

This takes film, fiche and cards, and makes digital images which are viewed on the touchscreen PC. Images may be enhanced, cropped, and saved to a USB stick as PDFs or JPGs. This reader also allows you to scan and save multiple pages in one go. It is not currently possible to print directly from this machine; if you wish to print your images, please transfer them on USB to another library PC and print from there via the libraries’ PCAS service. A full guide to using this machine is available next to the PC.

Desktop microfilm reader

This takes film and fiche only, no microcards. You can use it to read directly on the screen.

Microcard reader

This takes microcards only, and will only allow you to read, not print or save scans.

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