VHL for disabled readers

A row of grey lamps on concrete pillars


There is stepped and ramped access to the entrance. The entrance door is powered. There is step-free access to all areas and accessible toilets on the first floor and lower ground floor.

You can find more detailed accessibility information for the Rothermere American Institute on the University's Access Guide.

Services and support

  • The group study rooms are available for use by disabled readers.
  • There is a lift to the upper floors. This requires a security code, which is available from the reception desk.   
  • Some shelving is not wheelchair accessible. Staff can fetch materials on request.   
  • The library can provide the following assistive equipment: footstool, ear plugs, book rests, coloured acetate sheets, magnifiers, daylight reading lamps. Please ask library staff if you would like to use any of this equipment.  

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our facilities or have other requirements. Find out more about the support and services available from the Bodleian Libraries.