IT facilities

Library computers

There are 10 PCs available for reader use on the ground floor, and one open access terminal on the first floor for checking the catalogue. To log on to the PCs, use the barcode on your library card and the associated password. If you do not know what your password is, you can set or reset it at More information on library passwords can be found here.

Wireless network

There are three wireless networks available in the library: Bodleian Libraries, OWL, and Eduroam. Instructions for connecting to each of these networks are as follows:

Bodleian-Libraries: Once you have connected to this network, all you need to do to gain access to the internet is to open your web browser and enter your library card barcode and password. If you do not know what your password is, you can set or reset it at

OWL: This network is available to Oxford University staff and students only. You will need a Remote Access Account set up and the Cisco VPN service installed on your device. For more information on how to use OWL, please see

Eduroam: If you are a member of staff or current student at Oxford University, please see for information on how to connect to Eduroam. You will need to set up a Remote Access Account through IT Services.

If you are from another academic institution and have an Eduroam username and password through your home institution, you may use that to connect to Eduroam here. However please note that if you do, you will only have access to electronic resources subscribed to by your home institution and not those available in Oxford. To access Oxford’s electronic resources as a visitor, please connect to the Bodleian-Libraries network (see above).


Printing from library PCs or laptops is available via the Bodleian Libraries PCAS (Print, Copy & Scan) service. Print jobs may be collected from the photocopier on the ground floor. Please see the printing, photocopying and scanning page for more information.

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