About the library

The Vere Harmsworth Library houses the University’s principal research collection relating to the history of the United States, the largest such academic library collection in the UK. The library is also home to the Philip & Rosamund Davies US Elections Campaigns Archive, an extensive collection of campaigns ephemera from US elections. For more information, please see our collections page.

The library is housed in the Rothermere American Institute, the foremost academic institution for teaching and research in US history, culture and politics beyond America’s shores. For more information, please visit the RAI website.


“The Vere Harmsworth Library is a simply wonderful place to work. Its rich holdings of books, periodicals, newspapers and government documents are housed in the most comfortable working environment and in an award-winning modern building. It's hard to think of a better place outside the United States for the study of American history and politics."

Professor Richard Carwardine, FBA, Rhodes Professor Emeritus of American History, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and author of the Lincoln Prize-winning Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power.

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