SOLO help and feedback

  • Help with using SOLO
    If you have difficulties with using SOLO, for example formulating a search or an inability to find certain materials, please contact SOLO Live Help (on the SOLO homepage). If it is unstaffed please use the 'Ask an Oxford librarian' service.
  • Problems with your SOLO account
    If you have a query about your loans, fines, reservations etc. please contact the SOLO Live Helpdesk (on the SOLO homepage) or speak to the librarian at the relevant library.
  • Giving feedback
    You can give feedback or report problems with SOLO itself via SOLO Live Help (on the SOLO homepage) and also through the 'Ask an Oxford Librarian' service. You can also contact us via the SOLO feedback form
    to tell us what you think about the interface and the general SOLO user experience.
  • Catalogue errors
    Please report any errors or corrections to the  catalogue to the Bibliographic Maintenance Team.
  • Technical problems
    Readers can report technical problems by contacting the technical team. Please be aware that these staff can only deal with technical problems and cannot assist with searching or account queries etc. If you are unsure whether the issue you are reporting is a technical problem with SOLO, please use SOLO Live Help (on the SOLO homepage) or the 'Ask an Oxford Librarian' service.
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