OLIS code Library BL code Phone Email Notes
BJL Bodleian Japanese OX/U80 01865 284506
BOD Bodleian (Central) OX/U-1 01865 277069
CED Continuing Education OX/U42 01865 270454
CSL Chinese Studies - 01865 280433  
EAL Eastern Art OX/U23 01865 278202
EDU Education OX/U-6 01865 274028
HCL Healthcare OX/M-2 01865 221942 Also accept loan requests from other regional and HeLIN libraries
IND Indian Institute OX/U13 01865 277082
LAC Latin American Centre OX/U-1 01865 274483 Loan requests for LAC material should be sent to the Bodleian Library
LAW Bodleian Law OX/U15 01865 271463
OIL Oriental Institute OX/U23 01865 278202
PLS Plant Sciences OX/U-3 01865 275087 Accepts IFLA vouchers
RHO Rhodes House OX/U-9 01865 282700
RSL Radcliffe Science OX/U-8 01865 272825 Accepts IFLA vouchers
SAC Sackler OX/U-2 01865 278092 Photocopies only,  does not supply loans
SSL Social Studies OX/U16 01865 271093
TAS Taylor Institution OX/U19 01865 278158 Accepts IFLA vouchers
TAY Taylor Institution OX/U19 01865 278158 Accepts IFLA vouchers
VHL Vere Harmsworth OX/U-9 01865 282700
ZOO Zoology OX/U43 018...

N.B. This list only includes only members of the Bodleian Libraries that offer Interlibrary Loan services. For a complete listing of Oxford University libraries please refer to Oxford University libraries listed by OLIS code.

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