Helping us help your student

If you will be teaching a student for the course of their study, or for the next term, who will be using ARACU to provide material in alternative formats, then we will also need your help.

Reading lists

We need to work ahead of term, so please send reading lists as soon as possible. It takes time to convert material into different formats (from 1 week up to 6) and we need to make sure our students won't be at a disadvantage.

Please don't use too much jargon. It will save us contacting you constantly to ask about journal titles if you write them out in full or provide us with a list of common acronyms.

The more complete the citation, the easier it will be for us to find it and the more information you give us, the better our service will be for the student.

  • For books: Author/editor, title, year of publication, publisher and edition.
  • For articles/chapters in books: Article/chapter author, editor/author of book, title of book, year of publication, edition and chapter/article required. Page numbers are particularly helpful.
  • For journal articles: Article title, author, journal title in full, year of publication, volume number, part number and page numbers.

When given a reading list it is also helpful if we are told:

  • what will be needed when - ie what topic/question is for what week
  • what is required reading
  • what is secondary reading
  • what is optional reading
  • if the whole book will need to be scanned - unless you tell us only chapter 1 or 2 is necessary, we will scan the whole text.

All of this will make our lives much easier and make sure the student isn't disadvantaged.

If you would like to discuss anything further, please contact ARACU.

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