Human Sciences


Sue Bird, Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences Librarian and Tylor Librarian for Anthropology
tel:+44 (0)1865 272800

Collection overview

Collection policy for Human Sciences

Libraries and reading rooms

Principal collections

Human Sciences encompasses a wide range of subjects including Physiology, Psychology, Neurosciences, Health, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Anthropology, Sociology, Demography and Geography. These subjects are supported jointly by several Oxford University libraries.

The Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) holds strong collections across science and medicine, including scientific doctoral theses submitted for degrees at Oxford University.

Since 1883 the RSL has received, via legal deposit, a copy of all British scientific publications. It also purchases material published overseas, most of which is in English.

In 2007 the RSL absorbed the collections of the Hooke and Geography libraries to become a combined lending and reference library.

In 2010 the RSL absorbed the collections of the Experimental Psychology, Plant Sciences & Zoology Libraries.

Books and journals supporting teaching and research can be found in the reading rooms. Older and less-used material is kept in the Stack. All stock is catalogued on SOLO and Stack material can be ordered online.

Associated collections

Sociology (Social Science Library)

Collections elsewhere in Oxford:

Important e-resources

All major science and social science full text databases are available online with a full list appearing in OxLIP+.

Bibliographic databases of interest to Human Scientists include BIOSIS Previews (biological sciences), PsycInfo (psychology), Medline (medicine), SCOPUS (science and medicine) and Web of Knowledge (all available through OxLIP+).

Major science and social science journals are available via Oxford University e-Journals

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