Classics and Ancient History


Charlotte Goodall
tel: +44 (0)1865 277159 (Bodleian)
tel: +44 (0)1865 288049 (Sackler)

Collection overview

The study of Classics and Ancient History in Oxford University is supported by two major research libraries - the Bodleian Library and the Sackler Library. Anyone studying or researching classical subjects in Oxford should expect to make use of both libraries.

Collection Policy for Classics

Libraries and reading rooms

The Bodleian Library is home to one of the world's greatest collections of classical scholarship. In the Bodleian Library, the open shelf provision for classics is situated in an area of the Lower Reading Room. The aim of today's open shelf collection is to complement and facilitate research and teaching in classics, specifically in the areas of Greek and Latin literature and language.

The Sackler Library is home to the main research collections in Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Numismatics and Papyrology (as well as other non-classical subjects), and there is a good collection of texts and commentaries of ancient authors and monographs on classical literature and languages in the library also. The Sackler is home to the Classics Lending Library (a short-term lending library, aimed at undergraduates).

The majority of books in the Sackler Library are on open shelves. Many of the books and periodicals in the collection may be borrowed, although major reference works and most editions of classical authors are confined to the library.

The Philosophy Library has a collection of books on Ancient Philosophy which may be borrowed.

Important e-resources

Both the Bodleian Library and Sackler Library have facilities for readers to access online and CD-ROM databases. A dedicated computer is available in the Lower Reading Room of the Bodleian Library for searching the TLG, PHI disks and other electronic resources, and all these resources are also accessible in the Sackler Library.

Many networked classics-related resources may be accessed through OxLIP+ which is accessible on any computer on the University network.

Oxford University e-Journals, Oxford's electronic journal management system, provides access to the Classics periodicals to which we have online subscriptions.

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