Maps and Music


The Bodleian Library's Map Department has an extensive range of books on cartography and GIS. A large selection of atlases are available, together with journals, gazetteers and other reference works. Digital mapping and GIS facilities are available and a range of digital datasets are available.

It is one of the ten largest collections of maps in the world, with in excess of 1.25 million sheets and 20,000 atlases.


The Music Collections of the Bodleian Library comprise about 500,000 items of printed music, 60,000 books and periodicals, 3,500 music manuscripts, and 1,000 microfilms, making it the second largest music research library in Great Britain.

Its holdings of sound recordings, however, are very small, being largely confined to discs and tapes which have come to the library as part of or appendices to printed books, periodicals or musical editions. As a copyright library the Bodleian receives British publications of printed music under legal deposit in the same way as it does books, but the provisions of the Copyright Act do not extend to sound recordings. The Music Faculty Library holds the main collection of sound recordings in the university.

Although British publications naturally form the core of its collections, these have been greatly expanded by foreign material, both purchased and donated, antiquarian and modern, so that the collection as a whole constitutes a rich general resource as well as having certain outstanding specialist areas.

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