Information for tutors

If you are teaching a student who will be using ARACU to provide material in alternative formats, we will also need your help.

We ask that you send us reading lists as soon as possible. Converting material into other formats takes time (1-6 weeks) and we need to make sure our students will not be disadvantaged.

Consider using Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO). This will allow the student to access material available online without ARACU mediation.

Please avoid jargon: write titles out in full or provide us with a list of common acronyms. Complete citations make it easier for us to find the material. With more information, we can provide a better service to your student.

  • For books, please provide the author/editor, title, year of publication, publisher and edition. If only some parts of the book are required, specify which to avoid scanning the whole book. 
  • For articles or book chapters, please provide the article or chapter author, editor/author of book, title of book, year of publication, edition and chapter/article required, as well as page numbers where available.
  • For journal articles, please provide the article title, author, journal title in full, year of publication, volume number, part number and page numbers.

It is also helpful if we are told what material be needed when, i.e. the topic or question for each week, and if you can identify required reading, secondary reading and optional reading or any other priorities.

The Disability Advisory Service has additional information on the importance of targeted reading lists for the support of disabled students in their Guide for staff supporting disabled students.

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