The basic tenet is that no reader should cause damage to library property or do anything to disturb or annoy other readers. 

  • A valid Bodleian Libraries or Oxford University card must be used to enter the library.
  • Only loanable books are available to be borrowed by blue card holders.
  • Marking or damaging library material in any way is forbidden.
  • Absolute silence is not required, but anyone causing disturbance to other readers will be asked to refrain or to leave the Library.
  • Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the library
  • Drinking water is allowed throughout the library, but the consumption of other drinks and food is forbidden in all reading rooms and on stairs.
  • Eating, and drinking liquids other than water, is allowed in the following two areas only:
    • The Lounge (off the Entrance Hall).
    • The Abbot's Kitchen.
  • Personal stereos, mobile telephones, laptop computers and other such equipment must not be allowed to cause annoyance.
  • Books should be carried closed, using slips of paper as markers if necessary.
  • Readers using old, rare or fragile material may be asked to take special precautions, these may include taking notes in pencil, the use of specially designed book supports and restrictions on photocopying. Such material must not be left unattended, but must be returned to the staff on duty.
  • For security reasons readers must keep personal belongings with them at all times.
  • Bags might be checked.

For full details please consult  the Bodleian Libraries'  Library Regulations.

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