Bodleian Libraries KeepCups are available from the Enquiry Desk in the RSL Entrance Hall (currently priced at £8). They are the only drinks containers apart from water bottles allowed throughout the Library (other containers are allowed in refreshment areas - the Entrance Hall Lounge and the Abbot's Kitchen). KeepCups are designed to minimise spillages, but are not watertight.

Other libraries that permit and sell KeepCups:
  • Bodleian Education Library
  • Bodleian Health Care Libraries
  • Bodleian Law Library
  • Bodleian Social Science Library
  • Continuing Education Library
  • Latin American Centre Library
  • Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library
  • Taylor Institution Library
Libraries that permit but do not sell KeepCups:
  • Bodleian Library (including the Gladstone Link, the Radcliffe Camera, the History Faculty Library and the Old Library except Duke Humfrey’s Library)
  • English Faculty Library
  • Music Faculty Library
  • Sainsbury Library
  • Tylor Anthropology Library
  • Vere Harmsworth Library
  • Wellcome Unit Library

Some College libraries allow KeepCups - please check with your College library staff.

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