The Oxford Forest Information Service is run in close collaboration with other organisations:

OFIS has worked with CABI since 1938, when the then Imperial Agricultural Bureaux set up an abstracting unit in the Forestry Library at Oxford and began production of Forestry Abstracts. The two organisations have remained in close collaboration ever since; arrangements are formalised in an Agreement between Oxford University Library Services and CABI, which is renewed at 5-yearly intervals. It provides for CABI to have access to Oxford's forestry collections for abstracting, and for CABI to deposit in the Library, with publishers' agreement, abstracted materials we do not otherwise have. This arrangement means that virtually our entire forestry holdings since 1939 are abstracted in Forest Science Database and its printed equivalents Forestry Abstracts and Forest Products Abstracts.

Collaboration with the International Union of Forest Research Organisations, IUFRO, dates from the founding of the Forestry Library at Oxford in 1905. Oxford worked closely with IUFRO in developing various bibliographic enterprises, finally taking on the role of a deposit library for forestry literature when original plans to house that in Switzerland failed. IUFRO's 'recommendation to authors' that they should send a copy of all forestry-related publications to Oxford for inclusion in Forestry Abstracts has been in force since 1950, and has contributed significantly to the depth and quality of the Oxford collections. OFIS led IUFRO Unit 6.03 Information Services and Knowledge Organization from 2005-2010 organising training courses and meetings for a world-wide audience, and developing the Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC), successor to the long-established Oxford Decimal Classification for Forestry (ODC). 

Oxford was a founder member of the IUFRO Task Force which set up the Global Forest Information Service internet portal and continues to work closely with GFIS in promotion, training and content devlelopment.


OFIS maintains close relations with FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, particularly with its Forestry and Information Management sections.

Oxford is developing closer relations with IAALD, the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists, aiming to raise the profile of forestry within the organisation and encourage the participation of more forestry information specialists.

OFIS is working with the UK's Association of Libraries in Land-based Colleges and Universities to develop a UK 'chapter' of IAALD as a forum where those working in the broad field of forestry, agriculture and environment can exchange experience, building on meetings held under the banner FIBS - Focus on Information in Bio- and Environmental Sciences. ALLCU's 2008 meeting was hosted at Wadham College, Oxford.

Oxford was a founder member in 1994 of the European Botanical and Horticultural Libraries Group, and has participated in all its annual meetings, hosting the 2008 conference at Merton College, Oxford. It is also a member of the long-established North American equivalent, the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, and participates in the very active list servers of both organisations in the location of hard-to-find botanical and taxonomic literature and related queries.

Pacific Northwest Forestry Librarians
OFI has worked with this group in the presentation of forestry information sessions at Special Libraries Association (SLA) conferences in Los Angeles and Seattle.

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