Science and Medicine are exceptionally well served by electronic resources, by University members anywhere within the University network, and outside via the Single Sign On system. For full details of how that works, see the Bodleian Libraries' Remote Access page.


SOLO is our primary search and discovery tool for the Oxford Libraries' vast collections of resources. A simple search box allows you to find:

  • The physical holdings of the majority of libraries within the University of Oxford including the Bodleian Libraries and most College and Departmental Libraries
  • The University's collections of e-books, e-journals, articles online and databases available from our publisher subscriptions. 
  • Materials which the Bodleian Libraries received via electronic legal deposit (eLD)
  • Research papers and theses deposited in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA)


All databases available at Oxford can be found at Databases do not require login details if accessed from within the Oxford University network. Members of the university can access these databases outside Oxford by using the University Single Sign On.

Oxford University e-journals

A list of all e-journals available at Oxford University can be found here. E-journals can also be found by using SOLO.

E-books at Oxford University

The Libraries provide access to thousands of online books across many subjects. This guide gives a selection of e-book packages relevant to your subject area.


The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) contains research publications and other research output produced by members of the University of Oxford. Content includes copies of journal articles, conference papers, theses and other types of research publications. The full text of many of these items is freely available to be used in accordance with copyright and end-user permissions.


Oxford Examination Papers Online (OXAM) provide online access for members of the University to the formal examination papers as PDF files.

Alexander Library of Field Ornithology

The Alexander Library is a specialist reference collection offering comprehensive coverage of field ornithology and has holdings from all over the world in many languages. It is temporarily housed on Level 2 of the Radcliffe Science Library.

Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy

The Sherardian Library of Plant Taxonomy is based in the Department of Plant Sciences and is managed in association with the Oxford University Herbaria

Oxford Forest Information Service

The Oxford Forest Information Service (OFIS) aims to make the Bodleian Libraries forestry collections available to the widest possible audience.

Suggest an e-resource

If you think that the libraries should subscribe to, or purchase, a specific e-resource please complete the online recommendation form

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