On 28 August 2010, Elsevier launched its new platform SciVerse: http://www.hub.sciverse.com

On SciVerse the content available from Scopus, ScienceDirect and Scirus can be searched simultaneously using the new Hub, which de-duplicates results.

  • Scopus: a database of abstracts from scientific journals and proceedings. (Access to full text is dependent on our subscriptions.) Download PDFs singly or in bulk. Create a bibliography with the new QuikBib tool.
  • ScienceDirect: the full text collection. New features include image search, extra information on proteins and genes, & related records from reference works.
  • Scirus: a search engine for scientific information on the open internet, using repositories, institutional archives, reports etc.

The Hub has additional tools such as searching only the Materials and Methods sections in articles in ScienceDirect, and finding matching sentences in ScienceDirect.

Scopus and ScienceDirect remain accessible individually via the Hub and their direct links http://www.sciencedirect.com/ and http://www.scopus.com

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