WISER workshops are designed to give you an understanding of key information resources for your research and studies and to help you to save time by improving your search techniques for online and printed materials.

The workshops are free and take place at lunchtime, from 12:30 to 1:30, at OUCS (13 Banbury Road). To book a place, please go to http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/itlp/courses/atoz.

WISER Science: Finding books and journals with SOLO

Thursday 29 October (WEEK 3)

SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) is the main search tool for our collections. It encompasses; OLIS catalogue, ORA (Oxford Research Archive), Oxford University E-Journals and OxLIP+. This session will show you how to find books and journals and also how you can search across collections.

Juliet Ralph and Isabel McMann

WISER Science: Finding databases and articles with OxLIP+

Thursday 5 November (Week 4)

OxLIP+ is the interface to Oxford University’s extensive collection of databases, electronic reference works, e-journals and e-books (http://oxlip-plus.ouls.ox.ac.uk). Cross-searching of multiple sources is possible. This session helps you to identify and use resources for science and medicine.

Juliet Ralph and Isabel McMann

WISER: Theses and dissertations

Friday 6 November(Week 4)

This session offers guidance on finding theses, both those held in Oxford and those from other institutions in the UK and abroad. It will demonstrate how to exploit the main sources of information : SOLO, Index to Theses (UK and Ireland); and Dissertations and Theses (international) EThOS and ORA.

Jayne Plant

WISER Science: Keeping up to date with the literature

Thursday 12 November (Week 5)

This session will show you ways of using electronic bibliographic resources to keep up with the literature in your field by creating personal research / interest profiles and making your own current awareness service.

Ljilja Ristic and Linda Atkinson

WISER Science: Finding quality information on the internet

Thursday 19 November (Week 6)

This session will give you some pointers that will help you assess the quality and reliability of internet resources, show you how you can find some specialised types of data and how to set up your own search engine.

Karen Langdon and Penny Roberts

WISER: Learning a language

Monday 23 November (Week 7)

This session will help you find valuable resources for learning modern languages. Covering a wide range of languages, it will include online dictionaries, online courses, language exchanges, referential websites, gateways and creating a personalised start-up page.

Lucile Deslignères and Johanneke Sytsema

WISER Science: Conferences

Thursday 26 NOVEMBER (Week 7)

Conference papers can be difficult to find but they are valuable because they describe cutting-edge research. This session will enable you to find out about forthcoming conferences and also to locate the published papers of proceedings which have taken place.

James Shaw and Sue Bird

WISER Science: Citation searching with Web of Science

Thursday 3 December (Week 8)

Citation searching is a way of creating a bibliography of old and new research on a topic. Moving from a known reference to more recent articles which cite it is a way to follow the full range of scholarly discussion on an issue. We will demonstrate this using Web of Science, and show how to link to full text, set up alerts and organise your references with reference management software.

Roger Mills and Catherine Dockerty

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