Week commencing 10 April

Ground floor (Car Park) – Contractors Compound Set-up
  • The area of the car park by the Abbot’s Kitchen will be closed off, and temporary Heras (metal) fencing will be erected. (See below plan).Hoardings made of wooden ply will be built around the designated space. Hoarding construction should be nearing completion by the end of the week.  
  • The Heras fencing will stay in place until the timber hoarding has been painted.  
  • Contractor deliveries to the site will be frequent, but measures are in place to control traffic flow – they are not expected to restrict the movements of delivery vans or visitors.

-1 Basement (Lankester room) – Asbestos Removal Works Resume

  • A small amount of contained asbestos requires removal from the ceiling void of the Lankester room, currently sheeted off with polythene.
  • Contractors will access the area via the fire escape stairs on the Abbot’s Kitchen side of the library.
  • Disturbance – medium-level disturbance due to the use of hand and electric tools. Negative pressure extraction fans units will be running continuously causing low-level disturbance.

-2 Basement (The Stack) – Further Racking Removal Works

  • Fixed racking and shelving to be removed. Works will last approximately three to four weeks.
  • Contractors to access the space via the fire escape stairs near the Abbot’s Kitchen end of the basement library. 
  • Disturbance – some low level noise and disturbance from the use of hand and electric tools.
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